Massage Therapist Ann Maharaj

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Therapist Ann Maharaj

Sawadee Ka!

We are pleased to introduce you to Ann Penpimol Maharaj — our experienced, and client adored, therapist.

Ann learned the art of Ancient Thai Massage from Wat Po temple massage school — one of the best and original massage arts school in Bangkok, Thailand. Ann began her professional life as a masseuse in Naan, a province in northern Thailand. Because of her skill and proficiency, Ann was invited to share her vast knowledge as a Massage Arts teacher at The Institute For Skill Development in Naan and Utharadith. After many years of practice and teaching, Ann and her family moved to United state where she continues to practice and assist others at Wellness Face and Bodyworks in Los Angeles, California.

Ann is a lifelong student of the healing arts. She continues learning and practicing massage skills and techniques to improve her professional skill and ability to help her clients achieve wellness. In addition to her studies in Ancient Thai Massage, Ann has studied western massage at Trinity University in California. Ann is also an expert in Swedish deep tissue massage. Ann’s broad knowledge of and experience with Eastern and Western healing arts presents many options for treating and curing a variety of body problems and conditions experienced by her clients. Over the years, Ann’s skill has brought great benefit to her clients, and particularly those seeking relief and healing from body soreness and pain.

Many of Ann’s current clients seek help for Myofascial pain syndrome, and headaches, which can both result from prolonged computer usage. Ann prides herself on her ability to help her clients achieve medication-free relief of the associated, chronic headache, neck and shoulder pains.

Ann’s advice: Be wary of any massage establishment that informs you that more pain during massage means more benefit from the massage. In Ann’s experience, that is not true. Massage does not need to be hurtful. Healing massage can provide pain relief and relaxation at the same time.

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